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More Volunteer Opportunities
August 24th, 2014

It's only 5 days to the first football game! I can't wait to see how the football team plays this year, and I can't wait to see the band on the field at halftime! I've added a couple of new signups and I added to one existing signup. Here's a rundown of the opportunities. All of these are a great time, as the parents have as much or more fun than the kids, and you really make friends with all of the parents involved. Plus you get to see all of the behind the scenes effort that goes into competition marching band.

1) Pit Crew -- We have openings for 2 parents to help with the pit crew at football games and competitions. This group moves the front ensemble equipment and podiums onto the front sideline before the performance, and then moves it off after the show. This group always has a lot of fun and it's a completely different perspective to watch the show.
Go to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054dacab22a4f94-pitcrew1 to sign up.
2) Props Setup and Move -- We have some very cool props this year, including a platform and stairs, as well as an 8 foot wide spider named Itsy. We need 7 parents at each competition to help load these props, set them up at the competition site, move them onto the field and set them up on the field, move them off the field, and load them for the return to the school. Four of these positions require an ability to do heavy lifting (75 to 100 lbs or so) to put the platform up. The other three do not require heavy lifting. This is also a fun group, and a way to be very close to the band as it enters the field for competition.
Go to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054dacab22a4f94-competition1 to sign up

I've also added four different coordinator in training positions. All four of these are currently handled by Senior parents, so we need a new generation of parents to volunteer to learn how to do these critical roles:
1) Chaperone Coordinator -- Laurie Tufts currently does this job. It involves keeping the bus lists, assigning chaperones to buses, and making sure all of the chaperones are present. Laurie will show you all of the tasks necessary.
2) Maintenance Coordinator -- Paul Bouza manages the maintenance needs of the box truck, and the 2 trailers. These are kept at the school, and most maintenance is done by the district transportation department. If you're mechanically oriented, like to work on cars, etc. this is the role for you! Paul has extensive notes on this role, and will be able to show you everything involved all during this season before you take over next year.
3) Prop Building Coordinator -- Paul Bouza helps to design and manage the building of our props for the show. If you like to build things and/or are creative, this is the role for you! Paul has extensive notes on this role, as well.
4) Pit Crew Coordinator -- Vern Ellis manages the Pit Crew. You will learn from the master on how to organize this group and make sure everything gets to the games / competitions, gets onto the field and gets back off again.
Go to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054dacab22a4f94-westerville to sign up for any of these roles.

Please sign up for any role that you can commit to. We really do have fun at these and it's a great way to meet other parents.

Photo Release Form for End of Season Slideshow and DVD
July 31st, 2014

Band Parents,

The Photography Team for the 2014-2015 marching band season has decided to put together a DVD at the end of the season that would include the end of season slide show along with extras and bonus materials. The DVD will be made available for purchase for a very nominal price (to cover cost to produce DVDs) to band families only for personal use. Due to the intention to distribute the slideshow with bonus materials of the band to band families, the Photography Team felt it appropriate to ask for a release (found here) for the use of pictures of your student(s) in the DVD and end of season slide show. This Release MUST be signed and returned. If the Photography Team does not receive a release for your student with consent given or denied to use photos of your student(s), it will be assumed that you do not give permission and your student will not be included in the end of season slideshow or DVD. We are asking that all forms are signed and returned by no later than August 14th at the end of band practice.

Hiliary Fleisher-Cooper
Photography Team

The photo release form can be found here and on the forms page

Uniform Pillows
July 31st, 2014

Now that our new uniform jackets have arrived we are ready to start turning the old uniform jackets into pillows to raise money for new bibs. The form to order pillows can be found here and on the forms page

New Marching Band Q&A
May 27th, 2014

Please see our new Q and A page for all of your questions regarding marching band.

Kroger Community Rewards Re-enrollment
March 31st, 2014

it is time to re-enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards Program. PLEASE see the linked information sheet and thanks for your continued support! Here is the flyer with all of the information.

New Sponsor - Underwood Orthodontics!
February 24, 2014

Welcome to our newest sponsor, Underwood Orthodontics! Please see all our sponsors on our Sponsor Page. If you or your company would like to sponsor the band, please see our Sponsor the Band Page

New Photo Sharing Site
September 1st, 2013

The photo sharing site is now up on Shutterfly. It can be accessed here, or from the link on the menu at the top of the page. You will be receiving an email sometime in the next couple of days inviting you to join. If you do not receive and email, or don't want to wait, you can follow the link and ask to be added. For any family members who would like to join, please indicate the name of the student so that I can confirm that they should be added.

Kroger and Meijer Reward Programs
August 6th, 2013

If you shop at either Kroger or Meijer, please sign up for their rewards program. This a great way to help fund the band, and it doesn't cost anything over and above your normal grocery costs. You can sign up for Kroger Rewards here. Also remember that you need to re-enroll annually. For Meijer Rewards, our code is 782721. You can sign up here

Volunteer Needs
Practices / Events
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Football Games
  • Home Hilliard Darby -- October 10th -- Report Time TBD
  • Away Westerville Central -- THURSDAY October 16th -- Report Time TBD
  • Away Dublin Jerome -- October 24th -- Report Time TBD
  • Home Westerville North -- October 31st -- Report Time TBD
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  • Findlay (OMEA) -- October 18th -- Report Time TBD
  • Nelsonville-York (OMEA) -- October 25th -- Report Time TBD
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Disney Trip Feb 11th - 16th, 2015
  • Online System Registration -- Sept 15th, 2014
  • Signed Tour Agreement and First Depost ($100) -- Sept 22nd, 2014
  • Second Payment ($235) -- Oct 15th, 2014
  • Rooming List -- Nov 1st, 2014
  • Dietary Restrictions -- Nov 1st, 2014
  • Third Payment ($235) -- Nov 15th, 2014
  • Final Balance Payment -- Dec 15th, 2014
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Restaurant Fund Raisers
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  • California Pizza Kitchen -- November 12th All Day -- flyer mall location
  • Buffalo Wild Wings -- January 21st All Day -- flyer Polaris location
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  • Monthly Meeting -- October 9th 7 PM Band Room
  • Monthly Meeting -- November 13th 7 PM Band Room
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